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Content Marketing – the next big thing in SEO

Content Marketing – the next big thing in SEO


Content marketing, the process of creating content in order to acquire more readers and customer has become the foremost thing after the frequent hits from Google on the sites which are over optimized and have unnatural links. On an average the marketers are employing a quarter of their online marketing budget in the process of content marketing and they are getting overwhelming results as they are getting 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links with the help of blogs. So it is pretty predictable from the facts that how helpful the content is for SEO as well as for enhancing the social reach of a brand. In fact interesting content is the foremost reason which drives people to follow brands on social media. So if you are thinking to be more focused on your content marketing now onwards, here are the areas from where you get a good start:


  1. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is really a painful thing; however, the best part is that the pain is worth taking. You need to couple up your email marketing and content marketing strategies in order to get the best results. Now days the purpose of email marketing is not only to restricted to let the potential customers know about the promotional offers but also provide them the updates of useful resources and information which they can get with the help of your blogs. If you are thinking how to get personal contacts of big guns, I will appreciate you on your thinking. There are several ways like subscribing their newsletters, acquiring their email from twitter, etc. However be sure that you will give your persistent efforts in email marketing because it requires consistent pushes to get the readers to your blog.


  1. Employee Branding:

Employee Branding, i.e. the process of creating employee pages on your website really helps you a lot in content marketing as no other than the employees of your organization know you better. However most of the corporations feel reluctant while doing so in order to be out of any controversies or negative impact which might be created by just a status update on Facebook by their employees. To keep you organization out of any debate you must prepare a rigid guideline for your employees which they must follow prior making any action on social platforms.


  1. Twitter SEO:

It will be no wonder to you when you find that the number of links to your social pages like twitter is far higher than the number of links to your personal web-page. The reason is quite simple, twitter ranks better than your own web-page. So you should focus pretty well on your social accounts and keep them updated as well as optimized on SEO perspective. A simple way to do so is use your keywords in twitter username and tweets whenever and wherever possible.


  1. Social Buttons on your blog:

Sharing, liking and following buttons of your social profiles on your blog will boost up your audience in the desired niche because if the targeted users find content interesting and useful they will definitely share your content and it will also improve your social following. Along with it take advantages of script generated pop boxes for increasing the likes and shares of your brand.














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